We design and manufacture sustainable upholstered furniture and mattresses.

"Just had night #2 on the new bed. So far it's excellent. I don't find myself in a hole anymore. The height is perfect as well. Congratulations to you and your crew for a fine piece of furniture."
-Dave and Pat

We proudly source the most earth friendly materials; our furniture frames are constructed with environmentally harvested plywood and are padded with natural, fair trade latex

Our furniture lines include a wide range of features and benefits


Made from farmed European steamed beech and North American Columbia Purebond brand hardwood plywood. This is a non-off gassing product that has no added UF (urea formaldehyde)


The seats, backs and arms are padded with 100% botanical latex rubber. This all natural product is Talalay process latex foam, and is certified fair trade. It is naturally anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, anti-fungal and fire resistant. Latex is self-ventilating, temperature regulating, silent and does not soften with use.

Over Padding

We use a 100% organic wool wrap. This is a natural, needle punched hypo-allergenic wool. This product gives the seating areas a smooth and consistent feel and further enhances the temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties of the cushions.


Any and all laminating (gluing) is done with Simalfa brand waterborne adhesive. This is a user and environmentally friendly product. It is recognized as the most safe and benevolent product on the market.

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